Volume 21 No. 2 - May 1994




Table of Contents

Alcoholic Dementia ˆ Review Article
Maurice Victor

Hippocampal Stimulation of Fornical-lesioned Rats Improves Working Memory
J Turnbull, F Jiang and R Racine

SPECT for Differential Diagnosis of Dementia and Correlation of rCBF with Cognitive Impairment
Alicia Osimani, Masanori Ichise, Dae-Gyun Chung, Janice M Pogue and Morris Freedman

Immunological Associations in Familial and Non-Familial Alzheimer Patients and Their Families
MF Frecker, WEM Pryse-Phillips and HR Strong

Mild Hypothermia Preserves Contractile Function and Inhibits Prostaglandin E2 Release from Metabolically Stressed Skeletal Muscle
Valerie A Cwik, Ramanath Majumdar, Michael H Brooke

Usefulness of Single Fiber EMG for Distinguishing Neuromuscular from Other Causes of Ocular Muscle Weakness
C Ukachoke, P Ashby, A Basinski and JA Sharpe

Surgical Referral for Carotid Artery Stenosis ˆ The Influence of NASCET
TJ Coyne and MC Wallace

Acute Transverse Myelitis: A Retrospective Study Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Thomas Scott, Norbert Weikers, Mark Hospodar and Joseph Wapenski

Long-Term Results after Glycerol Rhizotomy for Multiple Sclerosis-Related Trigeminal Neuralgia
Douglas Kondziolka, L Dade Lunsford and David J Bissonette

Unusual Evolution and Computerized Tomographic Appearance of a Gliosarcoma
Mark C Preul, Jose A Espinosa, Donatella Tampieri and Stirling Carpenter


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