Volume 21 No. 3 - August 1994




Table of Contents

Adaptive Control of Eye Movements: Clinical Implications ˆ Richardson Lecture - Review Article
David S Zee

The Place of Neuronal Migration Abnormalities in Child Neurology - Review Article
Jean Acardi

The Influence of Sulindac on Experimental Streptozocin ˆ Induced Diabetic Neuropathy
Douglas W Zochodne and Lam T Ho

Autosomal Recessive, Fatal Infantile Hypertonic Muscular Dystrophy Among Canadian Natives
AG Lacson, SS Seshia, HB Sarnat, J Anderson, WR DeGroot, A Chudley, C Adams, HZ Darwish, RB Lowry, S Kuhn, NJ Lowry, LC Ang, E Gibbings, CL Trevenen, ES Johnson and J Hoogstraten

Complications of First Craniotomy for Intra-Axial Brain Tumour
Alberto M Cabantog and Mark Bernstein

Somatosensory Evoked Potentials and Intracranial Pressure in Severe Head Injury
Stefan J Konasiewicz, Richard J Moulton and Peter M Shedden

NMDA Receptor Blockade and Spinal Cord Ischemia Due to Aortic Crossclamping in the Rat Model
F Follis, K Miller, OU Scremin, S Pett, R Kessler and J Wernly

Large Unresponsive Zones Appear in Cat Somatosensory Cortex Immediately After Ulnar Nerve Cut
Cheng-Xiang Li, Robert S Waters, Akinniran Oladehin, Eldridge F Johnson, Carl A McCandlish and Robert W Dykes

Assessment of Genetic Polymorphisms in DNA from Formalin Fixed Neurological Tissues
M Mortilla, G Vaula and PH St George-Hyslop

Ataxia in Institutionalized Patients with Epilepsy
GB Young, SR Oppenheimer, BA Gordon, GA Wells, LPA Assis, JH Kreeft, NA Lohuis and WT Blume

Fluoxetine and Selegiline ˆ Lack of Significant Interaction
CH Waters

A Prevalence Study of Multiple Sclerosis in the Crowsnest Pass Region of Southern Alberta
GM Klein, MS Rose and TP Seland

A Controlled Trial of Mitoxantrone in Multiple Sclerosis: Serial MRI Evaluation at One Year
S Bastianello, C Pozzilli, F D'Andrea, E Millefiorini, M Trojano, S Morino, C Gasperini, A Bozzao, M Gallucci, C Andreula, L Bozzao, D Gambi and M Prencipe

Intractable Hiccup Due to Multiple Sclerosis: MR Imaging of Medullary Plaque
Yung-Yee Chang, Hsiu-Shen Wu, Tsung-Chia Tsai and Jia-Shou Liu

Malignant Rhabdoid Tumour of the Pineal Region
Matthew Muller, Sherri Lynn Hubbard, John Provias, Mark Greenberg, Laurence E Becker and James T Rutka


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